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Oh what fun it is to write! And read.

I lurk around Dreamwidth and Livejournal and A03 and similar places, but I don’t post much, other than to keep up with personal friends within fandom. I do love reading everyone else’s journals and keeping up through lurkerdom, though. I’ve even written fic, once upon a time. It’s been a bumpy year or so, oy, and a Yuletide gift will be so awesome.

I asked for three things, any of which I’ll be delighted to open on Christmas morning. I know my prompts are a tad thin, and I apologize for that, so I hope this will help.

Jonny Quest: When I was a kid I ate up reruns of the original Hanna-Barbera Productions cartoons from the ‘60s, but my go-to canon is the Comico comic run back in the ‘80s: Jonny and Hadji are boys, not teens; Jonny has brown eyes, not blue; Dr. Quest is beyond genius yet still out of his depth raising two boys, and Race Bannon is Dr. Quest’s helpmate and companion, er, bodyguard. So give me adventures, action, and yeah, how two boys and their adult caregivers deal with giant robots gone amuck or radioactive slime that eats the lab or mutated snakes – just another day in the Quest household. If you write slash, I’m all for Dr. Quest/Race Bannon.

Kings: Short answer: anything! The series gave us so many juicy characters and relationships. Longer answer: Yes, I appreciate some characters/dynamics over others, but honestly? It’s a close call on most of it. Silas rules the effing universe because he rocks so hard with his towering strengths and dizzying flaws and all his political machinations; his prisoner king, his wife, his mistress, his love for family and power, and his hubris. I also feel for Jack. He was dealt a painful hand at this family game of chance, and I wouldn’t say no to a story that gave him the opportunity to get some of his back.

Black Books: No, seriously, just give me some wacky hijinks. :-) I adore Bernard, Manny, and Fran from the tops of their heads to the bottoms of their toes. If a prompt helps try these only if you don’t already have your own enthusiastic brain wave: kitten, accidental drug ingestion (though honestly, now that I think about it, would anyone notice?), heck, even Christmas at the bookstore would be awesome.

What I like: explosions, great banter, people being complicated because no one is all good or all bad; grace under pressure, picking up the pieces after breaking under pressure; realism as suits the source material; and I like bite in my humor. (Even Black Books is about dysfunctional misfits with raging alcoholism and personality disorders.) Graphic sexual content and/or violence is fine if called for (though I’m less about souls merging at orgasm and more about physically sexy sex, with any combination of genders/sexualities).

What I don’t care for: parodies, super-fluff, incest, gratuitous torture

Squicks that make me hit the back button: I haven’t hit one yet. If it’s well written I will read anything, though I don’t choose to read about sex involving children, so that is one thing I probably would run from, even if exquisitely written.

I don’t need a happy ending, not if that’s where the story goes. Hope is always nice.

Lastly, in my experience, the stories written with passion and love > prompt-filling. Thanks for writing me a story by you.

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