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2011-12-25 01:05 pm

Yuletide story for me

Yuletide is a highlight of Christmas day, let me tell you. I got a Kings story. How cool is that? Read it here: Forbidden Fruit.

I love, love, love getting story written just for me. Thank you, Yuletide Santa!
gritkitty: Happy kitten says "Yay!" (yay)
2011-11-22 08:30 am

All I want for Yuletide

Oh what fun it is to write! And read.

I lurk around Dreamwidth and Livejournal and A03 and similar places, but I don’t post much, other than to keep up with personal friends within fandom. I do love reading everyone else’s journals and keeping up through lurkerdom, though. I’ve even written fic, once upon a time. It’s been a bumpy year or so, oy, and a Yuletide gift will be so awesome.

I asked for three things, any of which I’ll be delighted to open on Christmas morning. I know my prompts are a tad thin, and I apologize for that, so I hope this will help.

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