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I've been reading a lot of Sherlock BBC fanfic lately, and I've come to hate the word impossible in all its variations.

My hatred for the word was brought about not only by how it's used, but also my own personal exposure to its use due to the huge volume of Sherlock fic I've mainlined in the past month or two. From sublime to cringe-worthy the majority of stories out there use the word impossible or impossibly to describe some trait of Sherlock, usually his cheekbones. Often his build, height, lips, hair, fingers, and, of course, eyes (impossible eyes are a universal constant in fanfic, aren't they).

Impossible has been abused in loads of fanfic in every fandom, but the abuse here has escalated, perhaps because Cumbermuffin (and yeah, [personal profile] nestra, your nickname has stuck in my head forever, thanks so much) is an unusual looking man. I get it; I do. There are so many characters in various fandoms that have unconventionally striking appearances (share in comments; start with, oh, Blair Sandburg, for instance). As for Mr. Cumberbatch, especially when all made up and costumed and lit and directed and acting the part of an iconic fictional character, it's even harder to describe the guy and do his character justice.

I want to find a picture (I bet it already exists on Tumblr), complete with diagrams, arrows, and labels, proving to everyone that Sherlock's cheekbones are not impossible.. They are right there, one on each side of his face, just like the rest of us humans. His eyes aren't impossibly silver or blue -- try holding up an html color chart and compare (#CEECF5 or maybe closer to #A4A4A4). He's not impossibly tall or thin, either, and I can prove that with a tape measure.

Wow, I really want that diagram. I want it detailed and accurate, as if generated by Mr. Holmes himself. Oh! Oh! Not him -- I want the crew from The Big Bang Theory to make me a chart of just how possible BBC's Sherlock Holmes is.
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Yuletide is a highlight of Christmas day, let me tell you. I got a Kings story. How cool is that? Read it here: Forbidden Fruit.

I love, love, love getting story written just for me. Thank you, Yuletide Santa!
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Oh what fun it is to write! And read.

I lurk around Dreamwidth and Livejournal and A03 and similar places, but I don’t post much, other than to keep up with personal friends within fandom. I do love reading everyone else’s journals and keeping up through lurkerdom, though. I’ve even written fic, once upon a time. It’s been a bumpy year or so, oy, and a Yuletide gift will be so awesome.

I asked for three things, any of which I’ll be delighted to open on Christmas morning. I know my prompts are a tad thin, and I apologize for that, so I hope this will help.

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